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Chainsaw, Tree Felling, and Debris Removal Equipment

Friday, 19 September 2014 02:26
Published in Getting Started

The following guide will cover the required items for chainsaw operations, tree felling, and debris removal. This guide is intended for someone new to using a chainsaw, the occasional chainsaw user, human powered alternatives, and anyone interested in clearing debris following a storm. The example equipment used in this guide can also be used for firewood processing, it builds an initial tools baseline for woodsman operations, and focuses on personal protective gear required for safe operation. Lastly, when dealing with high powered cutting tasks and tools that need to stand up to a beating, it is best to purchase quality items the first time. The quality items recommended in this guide are more costly than cheaper alternatives, but you should never skimp on personal protection or quality materials; to include chain and axe metals. 

If you are new to tree felling, chainsaws, and other woodsman tasks, Surefire Woodsman offers two excellent DVDs on the subject (The Informed Woodsman and Timber Felling: Pro Tips). 

Beginners Mini-Guide to Bow Hunting

Thursday, 21 November 2013 01:01
Published in Food

Venison is much lower in cholesterol and fat than grain-fed beef, but unless you do your own hunting, it is difficult to find fresh venison. During the 2012-13 archery season in Illinois, hunters harvested about 180,669 deer. If you have completed the Illinois hunting safety course and are ready to start filling your freezer with venison, the following tips, tricks and cool gadgets will make your bow-hunting experience more rewarding.

If you are in an unfamiliar area, can you determine direction without using a compass? Okay, let me add to that. Can you do it without the use of the sun or stars because of heavy cloud cover? If you answered no, you need to keep reading. I am going to explain how to use trees, moss, and hillsides as a navigational tool.

Primitive Outdoor Skills: Dead Trees

Sunday, 05 May 2013 01:23
Published in Dan's Depot Articles

One of the most exciting things about primitive outdoor survival skills is the fact that nothing is viewed as garbage. Everything in the environment can be put to use if a person is willing to think out of the box. The idea of reuse and recycle has never been more accurate than in the art of primitive survival skills.

Felling a Tree

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 00:00
Published in Dan's Depot Articles

You have decided you are ready to cut down that tree you have had your eye on, but are not entirely sure how to go about doing it. Just because you have a chainsaw ready and raring to go does not mean you are truly ready to start sawing away. Felling a tree is not quite as simple as it looks. There are a couple of things you need to know before you jump in and start cutting. Obviously, personal safety is a huge concern and needs to be addressed. Another situation you may not be prepared for is the chainsaw getting stuck. It happens. 

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