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First Aid Evaluation Patient Chart

Thursday, 06 December 2012 00:00

Hopefully, you and your family will remain safe during a family outing or a grid-down situation. However, if injuries are sustained,  you will need to closely monitor the injury and the patient's vitals. Here is our take on a first aid evaluation form (a modified version of the Wilderness First Aid .pdf). This two page handout has fields which can be filled out following a trauma event or even a common illness. Think of it as the same form used in your doctor's office, but has been modified for the layman.

Download - First Aid Evaluation Patient Chart

What you will find in this document:

1. A patient chart, which the most commonly tracked characteristics of an injury and treatment.

2. A Graphic which will allow you to track where on the patient's body wounds were sustained.

3. A means to track the vitals of a patient.

Why This is Important

1. Whenever someone is injured, they need to be closely monitored. Through monitoring, you can establish is someone is getting better, or worse.

2. In the event of an injury, hopefully medical facilities will be available. Simply hand in this form when you find medical assistance.

Where This Should be Kept

Keep at least one of these documents in your Survival Bag. Better yet, place a document in every member's Personal Medical Kit (PMK). Additionally, keep several copies with your bulk medical supplies. This document can act as your primary treatment form.

Additionally, please download our Evaluate the Casualty Flowchart

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