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The latest government effort to apparently reduce the population revolves around bringing people with Ebola to America. Dr. Kent Bradley was working with Ebola patients in Liberia when he contracted the disease, as was missionary Nancy Writebol. Both, for whatever reason, were flown back to the USA for treatment despite the highly-contagious nature of the virus.

You may already stocking your garden or above-ground greenhouse with the right crops for survival—but did you know that with an underground greenhouse, you can grow year round, even in the unpredictable environment of a apocalypse. The benefits of an underground greenhouse far outweigh the effort to construct one. It's cheap, sustainable farming, and you'll have fresh produce for your family in time of need. Read on for a get-started guide on constructing your own all-season underground greenhouse.

Prepare to Bug Out on the Water

Saturday, 09 August 2014 16:15

If the worst happens and a natural or man-made disaster is imminent, you will want to move your family to safety as soon as possible. While some preppers are focused on finding an out of the way location in the woods or out in the desert, bugging out on the water is also a reasonable survival option.

If the worst happens and the apocalypse comes, you are going to need more than a reliable vehicle, a safe place to hide, and enough granola bars to last you several weeks. You’re going to need a way to communicate with others.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can stay in touch with others in a post-apocalyptic catastrophe. The following devices will be both used and useful when the zombies are walking the Earth, looking for their next meal:

A motorcycle is one of the most fun possessions you can have. Sleek, stylish, fast and reliable, the best bikes offer riders countless hours of enjoyment. But have you ever considered what else your motorcycle might be good for? What use could your motorcycle might play in an emergency? It's small, it's fast, it consumes minimal fuel, and it can easily avoid obstructions that might leave larger vehicles stranded or unable to pass. Your street bike could potentially be the perfect scout or getaway vehicle in the event of an emergency, so long as you take a few preparatory steps to make sure your machine is ready to be called upon when the time comes.

While individuals and small families can get by with a relatively small place, larger groups (like friends and extended families) will need something much bigger, but it can be challenging to build a hub that is spacious and safe enough for a large group of people. So how does that change your preparations and what should you know about accommodating so many survivors? The following tips and ideas can help you get started.

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