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Making Knots

Friday, 01 March 2013 00:00 Written by  Craig Caudill

You cannot use much rope without fastening it somewhere or somehow. That is why knots are always tied in (pun intended!) articles about rope. As I am sure you are aware, there are several types of knots. Each type of knot has its own particular benefit. Increasing your knot repertoire will help you to better utilize your paracord or other type of rope for your unique need.

A handy rope trick that is helpful in daily life as well as a survival situation is the canoeman’s hitch or what some may refer to as the trucker’s hitch. Basically, it is a knot used to tie things, like a canoe or other gear, down, say on the top of your car or on a trailer. The pulley style knot allows you to tighten everything down without a lot of effort.

In this brief video, you can watch and learn how to make this particular knot. Along with the canoeman’s hitch, a demonstration of a couple of other useful knots is given. A prusik knot is a handy tool to have while you are in the outdoors. This particular knot is especially useful if you need to haul gear in a climbing situation or can even be used to help you climb a steep incline. You will amaze your friends with this knot and will likely be hailed a hero for mastering the prusik knot. That sounds exciting, right?

Another useful knot you will see explained in the video is the clove hitch. This knot is another important knot to learn. If you need to make a teepee-type shelter or construct a cooking apparatus, this is the knot you will likely need.


Each of the knots are key parts to your survival know-how. You just never know when you will need to actually put that paracord in your survival kit to use. Don’t wait until you need it to try and figure out how to make a particular knot or determine what knot would best serve your needs. Practice today and save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy in a situation when those two things will likely be in short supply.

Rope and More Knots

There may be a time your rope is not long enough and you will need to add an extension. Joining two ropes in a way that makes them tough to pull apart can be tricky. However, there are several knots you can use to tie two ropes together rather quickly.

While it may be necessary to add length to a rope, keep in mind, every time you put a knot in a rope, you are making it a little weaker. More knots in a single length of rope means a weaker rope. Whenever possible, use your rope as is. Another very important key to remember when learning how to tie two ropes together is these particular methods are NOT meant for climbing. That is a totally different skill set.

If you must tie two ropes together, you should know some of these knots are more easily undone than others after the rope has been under strain. You can watch the video to learn some of the most basic ways of tying ropes together. It is a lot easier to watch how to do this than to read how to do it.

A popular method used to join two ropes is the square knot. Now, this is a pretty simple way, but there is one important key to making this knot work. You will have better luck if you are joining similar types of ropes. Using two different ropes of varying materials will produce an unstable knot. Watch the video to see some for effective and easily undone methods outside of the basic square knot.

It is one thing to be able to see what you are doing when you are tying knots, but can you do it in the dark or with very limited light? In a survival situation, you may need to tie knots in the dark. One way to make sure you can do this, is by practicing tying your knots without looking or in the dark. Don’t expect to pick up a couple pieces of rope and start tying beautiful, sturdy knots. You need to practice and fine tune your skills.

When Craig Caudill is not tied up in knots, click here to see some of his favorite knot materials, he may be writing outdoor articles for Dan's Depot or teaching survival skills at the Nature Reliance School.

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