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Water Treatment and Filtration

Friday, 01 June 2012 23:49 Written by 

Instead of getting into the science of water treatment and filtration, I would rather recommend a few products that I used, I have researched, and that review well. I believe having a water filtration plan is more important than having large amounts of water on hand. Before all of the water storage guys start shaking their head in disgust, please hear me out.


Now, I am not saying having water storage capability is not important. I currently have a 275 gallon water storage tank in my garage, but have yet to fill it up. If things start to go south, I can simply fill it up with the local water supply. Sure, I am relying on the local supply in a possible disaster situation, but hopefully there will be some indication before the actual event. If not, I can divert rainwater to my storage tank. Basically, I have the capability to store a moderate amount of water.

The reason I believe water filtration is more important for me, is because I do not intend to remain put in a time of disaster. So why would I need to have a large supply of water on hand? Additionally, here in Virginia we have frequent rainfall. If I lived in New Mexico, then I would probably have a large water storage tank. But, what works for me, may not work for you. Evaluate where you live, the average rainfall, and other factors and decide for yourself.

Water Filtration and Survival

From a survival perspective, I separate water treatment and filtration into three categories, the Survival Bag, the Vehicle, the home/retreat/RV.

Survival Bag - Portable water filtration device/s and water treatment tabs. I currently use a Sawyer PointOne Squeeze Filter, a Katadyn Vario Multi Flow Water Microfilter, and Katadyn MicroPur Water Purification Tables (Chlorine Dioxide). I can also use my Kleen Kanteen water bottle to boil water.

Vehicle – In my vehicle I have a Sawyer PointZeroTWO Complete Water Purification System, a Kelly Kettle to boil water, and have extra filters and components for my Katadyn Vario.

Home/Retreat/RV – For this level, I have a Sawyer Point ZeroTWO Bucket Purifier Assembly Kit, a Royal Berkey, and extra filters for the Berkey. I also have non-scented bleach in my long term storage stockpile.


To protect against viruses and cysts, boiling water is the most effective means of purifying water. However, I have come to rely on my portable water filtration devices. I have yet to get sick while in the field. So to ensure I can boil water during a grid down situation, I carry a metal container (Kleen Kanteen) and metal pots in my Survival Bag. In my vehicle I have a Kelly Kettle which can rapidly boil water. Keep in mind that boiling water will not remove any chemicals or heavy metals.

Located in my Survival Bag, I always have three ways of treating and filtering water. This may seem excessive, but again my belief is to have the ability to filter water, and the redundancies to ensure I can accomplish this task for an extended period of time. My Sawyer water filter is rated for 1 million gallons, and the Katadyn Vario is rated up to 500 gallons. The Katadyn MicroPur tablets can be used, but I doubt I would ever need them.

For a more permanent situation, I will unpack my Royal Berkey to filter water. Additionally, I will use the Sawyer Point ZeroTWO Bucket Purifier Assembly Kit with my large water tank.

Other Products

Although I have not used any of the below products, I believe they are worth checking out. I tend to purchase things after reading reviews, so here goes a list of possible choices.

    1. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter, cheap and you can throw one into a Survival Bag
    2. Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter, expensive option but reviews very well
    3. Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter, moderately priced



If you would like to read more on water treatment and filtration, I recommended the following articles:

    1. Making Water Safe to Drink – A tutorial
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The key to these three levels is to ensure you have water treatment and filtration capability, and the redundancies to achieve the task for an extended period of time. I would rather have multiple good filters over one great expensive filter. Be Prepared. Get Connected.

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