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Survival Gardening: How to Build an Underground Greenhouse

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 14:44
Published in Food

You may already stocking your garden or above-ground greenhouse with the right crops for survival—but did you know that with an underground greenhouse, you can grow year round, even in the unpredictable environment of a apocalypse. The benefits of an underground greenhouse far outweigh the effort to construct one. It's cheap, sustainable farming, and you'll have fresh produce for your family in time of need. Read on for a get-started guide on constructing your own all-season underground greenhouse.

Prepare to Bug Out on the Water

Saturday, 09 August 2014 16:15
Published in Getting Started

If the worst happens and a natural or man-made disaster is imminent, you will want to move your family to safety as soon as possible. While some preppers are focused on finding an out of the way location in the woods or out in the desert, bugging out on the water is also a reasonable survival option.

Shelter in Place

Thursday, 14 August 2014 01:00
Published in Getting Started

Certain types of events, such as chemical accidents and terrorist attacks, may make going outdoors dangerous. Likewise, you may want to limit the outdoor environment from entering your home. Shelter in Place is the act of taking immediate refuge, whether it is at your home, work, or vehicle, and limiting your exposure to the threat. Depending on the type of emergency, Sheltering in Place may also involve sealing the room, or vehicle, from outside contaminants. Ideally, you should have a Shelter in Place plan for both your home and work locations, but you should also be able to react to an emergency away from these areas. The keys to successfully Sheltering in Place are to understand how to react to each situation, the supplies that are needed, and how to mitigate the challenges that you will face.

The Stranger in a Stairwell

Thursday, 24 October 2013 00:00
Published in Mental Preparedness

Ready for the next uncomfortable topic? It’s not as sexy as our favorite firearms, it’s not as cool as our reading lists, and it’s far from as comforting as our food supplies. It’s rape, the attempt to prevent it and how it’s dealt with afterward. I think we all expect crime to go up during a protracted crisis, and maybe the unspoken theory is that rapes will go up with it. As it is, estimates suggest that between ‘1 in 4’ and ‘1 in 10’ women have been sexually assaulted or have escaped an attempted rape. Men and boys under-report, but that’s a high number, too. Put 30-40 guys in a room and chances are, 1 of them has admitted to being sexually abused in a survey or on a report. That’s prevalent enough to try and prepare for, with or without a disaster situation. But, rape may be coming from an unexpected angle.

Sealing Your Home in Violent Disease Outbreak Scenarios

Saturday, 07 September 2013 00:00
Published in Medical

For most homeowners, home security means a sturdy fence, a bump-proof lock, and maybe even shatter-resistant window panes. Those who want an extra layer of defense might invest in security equipment, like an alarm system. Defending one’s home within legal parameters can be difficult enough as it is, but accounting for an outbreak of contagious disease requires turning a home into a veritable quarantine zone.

Making & Using Bow Drills

Friday, 21 June 2013 00:20
Published in Dan's Depot Articles

In today’s modern world, it is extremely rare to see or hear of anybody doing such primitive things like flintknapping, hide tanning or even old fashioned ways of starting a fire. We are a modern society and we certainly like our gadgets. However, using our hands like our ancestors used to is one way to connect with our past. Isn’t it kind of cool to do something your great great grandpa used to do? Practicing the primitive ways links us to our heritage.

Survival Preparedness - Your Family

Monday, 25 February 2013 05:36
Published in Dan's Depot Articles

Men, listen up. You have a pretty basic decision in front of you. Do you keep your survival knowledge to yourself or do you involve your family? Look at it this way, if you don’t educate them now, you will either have to walk away and leave them to fend for themselves in an emergency (which is clearly not an ideal option) or you are going to be forced to waste precious time and resources to give them a crash course during a survival situation. Neither option sounds real appealing, does it?

The Realistic Approach to Preparedness

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 00:00
Published in Getting Started

We should all prepare for a future cataclysmic event, right? At least, this is the current trend in the entertainment industry, and what the big business profiteers would have you believe. Even, the current political cycle has most on the edge; we can’t afford “Obama Care” or these guys are pushing us over the "Fiscal Cliff”. If you take a step back, and look at preparedness as a whole, you would realize that your initial preparedness goals should not be tailored to current economic trends, who is in office, or even a doomsday scenario. Instead, preparedness is a lifestyle, one that is always changing, improves you as a person, and provides security for your family. (Prepper Link's Contribution to The Preparedness Review Fall 2012).

You Can’t Eat Gold?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 18:17
Published in Financial

Often, when one party expresses an opinion in favor of the benefits of acquiring gold, the opposing side will express disapproval with the glib retort: “You can’t eat gold.” Intended to convey a practical perspective, this flippant response betrays a breathtaking level of historic economic ignorance, and I would argue, a poor ability to quantify future risk vis-à-vis the coming financial collapse and ensuing struggles.  

The Collapse of the Modern Social Welfare State

Friday, 31 August 2012 09:41
Published in Financial

The problem is simple to identify: a politician’s primary purpose in life is not to represent his constituents or pass laws or social engineer (though he does these things to various degrees), but rather, it is to get re-elected and augment his power.  Barring the occasional exception which does not disprove the rule, this is a universal truth even in our formerly Constitutional-revering Republic.  When viewed through this lens, the long and gradual process perverting the American system of Government and property rights becomes clear.

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