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Survival Gardening: How to Build an Underground Greenhouse

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 14:44
Published in Food

You may already stocking your garden or above-ground greenhouse with the right crops for survival—but did you know that with an underground greenhouse, you can grow year round, even in the unpredictable environment of a apocalypse. The benefits of an underground greenhouse far outweigh the effort to construct one. It's cheap, sustainable farming, and you'll have fresh produce for your family in time of need. Read on for a get-started guide on constructing your own all-season underground greenhouse.

Cut and Come Again Crops

Friday, 25 July 2014 01:00
Published in Food

A multi-purpose item is regularly a money saver, and that extends to growing. When one seed can lead to weeks and months of harvest, there’s better return on the investment in money, care and growing space than a one seed-one fruit harvest. Crop types where they are cut for harvest and returned to at a later date can make a big difference for small spaces, especially, such as overwintering green houses and raised beds or container gardens. So, let’s look at a few plants that are perfect for the fall growing season. 

Forgotten Grains - Amaranth and Quinoa

Monday, 23 September 2013 00:00
Published in Food

Grains are credited with the population booms of the human race. Once humans figured out how to grow and harvest increasing yields of high-calorie starches, our numbers started exploding. Once we perfected the chemicals and machines we needed to plant enormous blocks of the highest-use and highest-yield grains, we left by the wayside some of the more traditional grain crops.

How Many Seeds to Stock or Plant

Saturday, 21 September 2013 00:00
Published in Food

How many seeds do I need to plant? How much seed is enough in a stockpile? They’re questions that come up here and there, they’re questions I get semi-regularly because I help people plant ecologically friendly gardens and plan permaculture plots, and unfortunately, they’re questions that don’t have particularly easy answers. There are just too many variables for a one-size-fits all answer, even per person. But there are some things that can be considered so that each individual can start to make their plans. Since harvests are in full swing and winter seedling plantings are around the corner, it’s a good time to start keeping track of some of those factors.

Our Garden - First Look

Wednesday, 04 July 2012 01:48
Published in Food

Growing up, I was lucky enough to gain invaluable experience working on a small farm near my house. My employer, Frank, was a 75 year old farmer that had broken his hip a few years before. He had farmed his land for decades, but because of his age and disability, farming his three acres was no longer practical. So at the ripe age of 12 years old, I was paid a quarter an hour. At the end of the day, I was paid $2 in cold hard cash. Doesn’t seem like much, but for a 12 year old it was big bucks. And to my surprise, at the end of each growing season, I was given part of that year’s profit.

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