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10 Must-Haves for Your 72 Hour Kit

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 00:00
Published in Survival Bag

72 hour kits are crucial for being truly prepared. For example, what if your house were to burn down? Unfortunately, the food storage, and all your emergency preparedness, would burn with it. Your only saving grace would be having your 72 hour kit in your car. 

Making & Using Bow Drills

Friday, 21 June 2013 00:20
Published in Dan's Depot Articles

In today’s modern world, it is extremely rare to see or hear of anybody doing such primitive things like flintknapping, hide tanning or even old fashioned ways of starting a fire. We are a modern society and we certainly like our gadgets. However, using our hands like our ancestors used to is one way to connect with our past. Isn’t it kind of cool to do something your great great grandpa used to do? Practicing the primitive ways links us to our heritage.

Primitive Outdoor Skills: Dead Trees

Sunday, 05 May 2013 01:23
Published in Dan's Depot Articles

One of the most exciting things about primitive outdoor survival skills is the fact that nothing is viewed as garbage. Everything in the environment can be put to use if a person is willing to think out of the box. The idea of reuse and recycle has never been more accurate than in the art of primitive survival skills.

The Law of 3's

Saturday, 06 April 2013 01:07
Published in Dan's Depot Articles

Survival enthusiasts often resort to the Law of Threes during training and practice runs to keep the idea top of mind. The Law of Threes is one way to remember exactly what needs to be done when things get a little crazy.

Fire Starters

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 00:00
Published in Dan's Depot Articles

The ability to start a fire can be the difference between a comfortable night in the woods and a survival situation. In first responder parlance, it may be the difference between a rescue and a recovery operation — as in dead body recovery. Knowing how and having the ability to start a fire is an imperative and essential skill.

The Overlooked Task of Fire Prevention

Saturday, 10 November 2012 22:33
Published in Getting Started

Fire prevention is an often overlooked and underestimated preparedness issue. Let’s face it; fire safety is near the bottom of our preparedness concerns. But, what if you have a year’s worth of food, 6 months of water stored, all of the ammunition to protect your family for multiple generations, and you neglect fire safety? What if your home burns down, or your survival gear is destroyed because your tent is too close to the camp fire? Whether your plan is to Bug In or it involves a tent colony on some remote land, ensuring you have a strong fire prevention strategy will protect your belongings and maybe even save your life if that fire were to strike. 

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