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When the Hazard Hits Home: Preppers Love Helpful Gadgets

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 01:22 Written by  Keith Hodges

With each day that passes comes another chance for disaster to strike. As your awareness grows about the dangers of doom, you have assessed your family's survival situation and your preparedness plan's foundation is set: you've made an escape route, learned basic safety skills and have a pretty solid disaster supply kit, complete with food and water purification system. You've educated your family on the probability of natural, technological and terrorism hazards. But, there's always a new gadget that surfaces to come in handy when hazard hits home. Here are some ingenious products for the gadget-loving prepper.

Folding Firebox Nano

This is a small, collapsible metal box that is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket but can cook large skillets of food. It's basic but brilliant. Each side folds into a square and has holes to put sticks for your fire. You can feed fuel (wood) in, and cross sticks on the inside so they burn more efficiently and emit less smoke. Cross feed fuel delivery system offers more power. Also, you can drop in a Trangia alcohol burner. Fire grate opens or closes.

Titanium Utility Ring

The Man Ring, is a multitool. It's a little Swiss Army Knife-like tool that you wear on your finger. It's custom crafted from aerospace grade titanium to fit your size. It is home to a foldout saw, serrated blade, straight blade, bottle opener and a comb... to keep you groomed when you're in the midst of a collapsing society? The bottle opener can be sharpened into a gut hook.

Flint and Knife Bracelet

You're probably familiar with the fashionable and functional paracord bracelets. If in a jam, you can unravel the bracelet to deploy the military issue paracord. The Bison Designs' version has a 1-inch knife woven in the middle, and the toggle closure can start a fire. The flint is hidden and unassuming as no one needs to know you're ready to go when disaster strikes.

Satellite Phone

One of the most important tech tools for any prepper is a satellite phone because they are rarely affected by violent weather wreaking havoc on telecommunications infrastructure. When public safety agencies, energy companies and search and rescue organizations are regular users of them, that might be a tip that it's necessary for your disaster kit. There is a variety of styles and capabilities to fit your particular needs. Roadpost satellite phones are easy to use, rugged, and can cover the globe or just a particular region. Some models have email, text and messaging capabilities.

Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

Photo of Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone by Flickr user Iridium Satellite Communications

Solar-Powered Charger

The last thing you want to do is haul around packages of batteries that are going to die at some point anyway. A solar-powered charger is easy to carry and can extend the life of your electronics and gadgets like flashlight, phone, laptop and radio. Larger chargers can power emergency lighting. Goal Zero has solar kits, power packs, solar panels and accessories.

Keith Hodges enjoys shooting skeet and trap on the weekends and coaching people who are new to guns and shooting.

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