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Building a Bug Out Hub for a Large Group

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While individuals and small families can get by with a relatively small place, larger groups (like friends and extended families) will need something much bigger, but it can be challenging to build a hub that is spacious and safe enough for a large group of people. So how does that change your preparations and what should you know about accommodating so many survivors? The following tips and ideas can help you get started.



There are plenty of perfect bug out locations around the United States; for example, the Mid-South is a great location for folks from the east coast to relocate; population density is low in many areas with ideal hunting and farming conditions. In addition, the Great Plains with its rich soils offers a great location for people who wish to grow their own food; like the Mid-South, it also is a low population area. The Northwest is also recognized as a great region for bugging out; states like Idaho and Montana are full of like-minded preppers who love their freedom and have worked hard to preserve rivers and lakes to be abundant sources of fish. If you are looking for warmer weather and plenty of space, the Southwest has thousands of square miles of open desert for you to utilize.

Strength in Numbers

The experts at Survivalist Prepper say not to advertise your bug out location plans to anyone besides those who will join you when SHTF. Don't forget that more people means stockpiling enough for everyone (and then some) and it also means your location needs to accommodate a large group. Having more people could actually be an advantage; for example, using the “many hands make light work” analogy, it may be easier to farm, hunt and build your hub with extra help. It's also beneficial in the case that you need the location to be under constant surveillance. Some preppers have turned to construction equipment for this part. A scissor lift or other aerial platform creates a high lookout point that can easily be hidden within tree leaves and branches. A good walkie-talkie system can help the lookout keep in communication with the rest of the group and warn of potential danger.

Food and Water Rationing

A gallon of water per person, per day, is needed for survival. So for a family of four, you’ll need 120 gallons of water to last for a month. If you have a dozen people with you, you’ll need three times that much water. In this case, a storage container that holds a great deal of water, and being close to a clean and safe source of water will be crucial. Also, be sure to take along water purification tablets. As far as food is concerned, you want to stock up on nutrient-dense, high calorie food. Plan on bringing enough food to give each person two meals per day and focus on high energy choices like peanut butter, trail mix, shelf-stable milk, tuna, wheat crackers and canned fruit.

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