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Owning Precious Metals in the Face of Disaster

Sunday, 12 May 2013 10:23 Written by  Michael Wilaski

There is no doubt that disaster can strike at any time, but unfortunately there is no one, uniform type of disaster. On any day, at any time, you could fall victim to a natural disaster, war/invasion, or just about any other terrible thing that you could think of. Being prepared for that disaster is something you can do that separates you from a large majority of the rest of the population. While it goes without saying that you will need ample food, water, and shelter should a disaster strike, what if I said that gold should be added to that list?

The fact of the matter is that should a society collapsing disaster occur, the paper money in your wallets today will be worth nothing. Gold, on the other hand, has been valued and used as a store of wealth since the beginning of time. By investing in physical gold you will ensure your wealth in the face of disaster much more easily than you would if you simply relied on the paper money in your bank account. The purpose of this article is to explain the different types of gold as well as when you should make purchases as to get the most bang for your buck.

Coins vs. Bars

If you are as convinced as I am of the necessity of gold in the face of a disaster, then you will need to know the difference between the two major types of the metal. The two types in existence are gold bars and gold coins. While some of these bars and coins may be the same weight and purity, they are worlds different. For one, coins are produced by government mints which are located only in one country. Bars, on the other hand, are produced by hundreds of privately owned companies from all over the world. As far as investing goes, gold bars are a much better buy because their price and value cannot be manipulated nearly as badly as coins can. 

The reason the price and value of coins can be manipulated is because only one country’s mint owns the rights to produce them. For this reason, if a country notices that a particular coin they produce is inordinately popular, they can simply produce less of it in a following year making it more scarce and thus, more valuable. Producers of gold bars are not this lucky because if one bar producing company were to cut production in order to drive the value of gold bars up, another company will simply step in and pick up the slack left by the company who cut their production. To put things in perspective, a 1 ounce gold bar is just as valuable being produced in China as one that is produced in the USA, but an American Gold Eagle coin can only be found in the US and can only be produced by the US Mint. For these reasons and more it is almost always better to purchase bars as a way of investing. 

Timing Your Buys

Just like there is always a right and a wrong time to buy stocks on the stock market, the same applies to gold. Gold’s value is always changing which means on some days it may rise and on other days it might fall. Your goal, in order to get the best deal for your money, is to purchase gold when its spot value is lower relative to its recent values. By doing this you are not only making the most of the money you spend on gold, but you are also setting yourself up to make gains on your investment. 

Following the current price of gold is easy as there are many resources on the internet that allow you to do so. While gold’s value may jump around in the short-run, any long-term chart of gold’s value will quickly show you how much of a solid investment it really is. 

Where to Buy

Now that you know all about how gold can be of possible assistance in the face of disaster, the next step is finding out where to make a purchase of precious metals. The old-fashioned way is to find your local coin shop or shops and make a purchase there, but for many this can be either really inconvenient or close to impossible. Nowadays the existence of the internet and e-commerce has made it significantly easier for you to make a purchase of metals online. 

A site like is a great resource for finding a site to buy silver and gold bullion because they only list the most reputable sites. It is important that you search around the web for the best gold and silver selling sites as some sites are pricier than others. 


Disclosure: This article was written by guest author Michael Wilaski, who has an affiliation with Prepper Link has no connection or affiliation with this company.

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