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Emergency Lighting System (ELS)

Friday, 04 January 2013 23:59 Written by 

The Emergency Lighting System (ELS) was designed to provide a valued Prepper Link member with a lighting system that can be remotely activated, that utilizes energy efficient lights, and provides a “base” solar power system. Additionally, the system was designed so the user can add more components over time. When we designed the ELS, we took the concepts and lessons learned from the $150 Solar Kit, put the components and wiring methods into a different enclosure, and added additional capability. The result is a modular emergency lighting system, which is turned on/off by a keyless entry remote type switch, is charged by the sun, and can be easy expanded.

Download the Handout: Emergency Lighting System (PL 05-002-13)


Why We Built the System

1. If we look only at casualties related to Hurricane Sandy, nearly 10 percent of the fatalities were attributed to elderly individuals that had accidents (falling down stairwells, etc.) during the initial power outage. These fatalities may have been avoided if they had access to emergency lighting, which was not dependent upon utility power. 

2. The system also posed a challenge; how do we make it in such a way that it can be turned on/off remotely, and how do we make it on a budget?

3. Lastly, we wanted to give back to the preparedness community, and build something for one of our valued Prepper Link family members. 

4. Continuation of our $150 Solar Kit project

Download the Handout: Emergency Lighting System (PL 05-002-13)

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