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LED Lighting Project

Wednesday, 02 January 2013 20:38 Written by 

Our next project will focus on making power efficient LED lights, and we will do this on a budget of $15 per light. Our LED lights can be powered by a small 12 volt battery or incorporated into your large alternative energy battery bank. By following our guide, you can make 12 volt LED puck lights, pendants, or modify an existing lamp base for around $3 - $8, or you can build a complete light for $15. 

Download the handout: LED Lighting Project

In a power outage, the absence of lighting causes many challenges; you can’t see, therefore you are vulnerable to falls or running into things. While most power outages are short-term, what if it lasted for days or weeks? How would you provide light to safely navigate your home?

What you will Learn

1. Identify the components required to make your own MR11 style LED lights

2. How to use parts not necessarily designed for lighting projects

3. How to wire a LED light socket

4. How to modify a lamp

Download the handout: LED Lighting Project

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