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Prepping On A Budget - Buy a Mora

Thursday, 23 August 2012 00:00 Written by 

Staying with the theme of prepping on a dime, we'd be remiss not to do a review of the fixed-blade Companion MG by Mora of Sweden. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman, a collector, or new to knives altogether, we believe the Mora Companion MG has a place in your arsenal.

Made in Sweden

Mora of Sweden was formed through the merger of the two largest knife makers in Mora; Frosts Knivfabrik and KJ Eriksson. They are named after the town of Mora, which has a century-old tradition of knife making. Using guidance from knife professionals, expert craftsmanship, and the highest-quality Sandvik Swedish steel, they are able to produce a functional knife that feels good in the hand and can take a razor-sharp edge.

Mora of Sweden prides itself in minimizing their environmental impact, and making efficient use of both energy and materials in their production. Though they are distributed worldwide, the company is still family-owned and still employs generations of craftsmen in the manufacture of knives and ice-drills.

Why we love it

The Mora Companion MG Carbon is an exceptionally good value. It is an inexpensive, yet, well-made entry bushcraft knife that can take a beating and provide many years of use.


Made from high-polished Sandvik 12C27 carbon steel (0.6% Carbon and 13.5% Chromium), it carries excellent edge performance, high-hardness and good corrosion resistance. Mora’s website states that compared to other knives, this is one of the highest hardness levels that can be attained without affecting the sharpening ability to any marked degree.

As with other carbon knives, it will achieve a dullish grey finish after some use. The patina will not affect the quality of the blade, but, will improve resistance to corrosion. The blade grind is single-bevel Scandinavian and can be honed to razor sharpness. It is finished to 3/4-tang, molded into the handle. There is also a stainless steel version of this knife, which might suit you better if you plan to use it around water or live near the ocean.


The ergonomic handle is made from rigid ABS plastic with an overlay of high-friction Latex-free Dryflex. The grip is soft and comfortable, and functions well, even when hands are wet. The shape and weight of the handle was designed to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The Companion MG does not have a raised hand guard, but that is by design; it gives you more leverage, and allows you to position your thumb comfortably over the back (spine) of the blade for better control.


The sheath is made from lightweight molded military green ABS plastic, and holds the knife safe and secure. One hand unsheathing is easy, thanks to a small ridged bump on the top that you can push off with your thumb. The sheath can be attached to a belt by belt clip, or fastened to a coverall or suspender button. It has a drain hole in the bottom to protect your knife from corrosion. All-in-all, it is a very functional, no-frills sheath.

How it fits in your survival kit

The Mora Companion MG is an all-in-one knife that can be used for most bushcraft purposes and accomplishes all the small tasks, from whittling, to preparing food and dressing small game. Being so light, it is a nice compliment to a heavier chopping knife, such as a BK2. The Companion MG is a great option for your bug-out-bag (BOB) and your get-home-bag (GHB), where you need a razor-sharp, durable knife and weight is a concern.


For the money, you simply cannot go wrong. It is a popular knife from a well-respected company, and is revered by expert backwoodsmen and survivalists world-wide. Whether you choose to get one for your utility drawer or your survival kit, if you had $15 to spend on one fixed-blade knife, this would be the winner, hands down.

The Specs

Blade: 3 7/8" long | 13/16" wide | .080" thick.
Weight (with sheath): 4 Ounces
Overall Length: 8.50 inches
Width: 1.50 inches
Height: 0.75 inches

Product Link: Mora Companion MG Carbon

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  • Comment Link Brian O Tuesday, 15 January 2013 16:36 posted by Brian O

    Great article. I own two Mora knives, and love them both.

    I typically carry two fixed-blades into the bush with me - one for heavier tasks (Cold Steel SRK or Kabar-Becker BK2) and one of my Mora's for lighter work around camp.

    It takes a beating, and keeps coming back for more. At under $20, I don't think there's a better or more versatile backcountry blade available.


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