Giveaway 04 (10/21/2012)

Saturday, 29 September 2012 21:55

For October, we will Giveaway a $100 Amazon gift card to one Prepper Link Member. To be eligible, you must submit a forum post discussing your Survival Bag (BOB). The post should include pictures and a description of the key items in your bag. The more detailed, the better chance you have to win. Forum posts must be submitted by October 21st. 

Please post your  submission to the Survival Bag Challenge (October 2012 Giveaway) Forum. 

What we are looking for: 

1. Images of your Survival Bag

2. Description of your area (urban, mountainous, etc.)

3. A detailed description of why you selected your items.

4. Products (we reserve the option to add product links)


We will review all posts and determine which Survival Bag deserves the $100 Amazon Gift card, on/around October 21st, 2012. To participate in this contest, you must be a member of Prepper Link. Register Now!

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