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TOPIC: What Did You Prep Today

What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #534

So, you have probably seen these before. I am going to start a discussion called What Did You Prep Today. Feel free to post here or create your own.
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Re: What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #535

9/15/2012 - Finishing the large portable solar power project. Ordered a battery disconnect switch. I am going to use this so that I do not need to disconnect batteries when not in use. The charge controller will drain the batteries, since it has a led remote screen.

Still need to wire the battery temp sensor (need another hole cover).

Re: What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #542

  • Denimflyz
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Finishing up my tomatoes and hot peppers for canning. I am marinating some beef for jerky. Making my list of add-to's for my pantry of my staples and grains.
Potato chowder for supper tonight. Yum!
Bread tomorrow.

Re: What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #548

  • Cyclops01
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The two trach kits I ordered arrived today so I've been organizing my trauma box.

I've taken care of my chickens (fresh eggs are the best!!!)

I'm heading out to the gun club to spend a little time with my main battle rifle. (a civilian version FN FAL)

After that, I'll be reading one of the three books I'm into; Armageddon Medicine, Wilderness Medicine or the LDS Preparedness Manual.

Between events in the Middle East, the approach of Nov. 07 and QE3, I'm kinda thinking time for prepping is growing way short.
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Re: What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #556

  • pylortes
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I cut and painted about 5 backer boards for 'no hunting/trespassing signs'. I made them larger than the signs and painted the edges 'no hunting purple'. I added a pin lock to my garage door and I found the parts together for putting in window pins for extra security.

Re: What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #560

I modified my portable solar boxes so that my temp sensor can run from my charge controller to the last battery. I am still waiting on the battery kill switch.

I took 2 x 10 watt solar panels, and put two hinges on them, so they can become one unit.

I also took 2 x 135 watt solar panels, and did the same thing. I installed a handle for transport.

Lastly, took the in-laws to the range to shoot 9mm and .45. First time for three of them, and they did really well.

Busy day.

Re: What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #563

  • maureen1701
I further researched guns and ammo. I need to make these purchases soon. I am going to a nearby shooting range next week. Advice would be welcome. I also found some good socks on sale and bought 24 pair for $2.00 a pair.
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Re: What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #567


What type of firearm are you interested in, rifle, handgun, or both?

What is your shooting experience?

Re: What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #569

  • maureen1701
I feel so dopey here, because I was such a city girl and don't have very many skills.

My experience is this: back in the early 80's my father taught me (for about one hour) to shoot his old police revolver, (a 38 something)
when there was a very prolific and diabolic serial killer near us in CA, but I never shot it outside of the range.

Then, a few years ago I took my students on an outward bound kind of trip to the local mountains and we shot some low caliber rifles into targets ...again, for about 2 hours.

So, you see, I have a lifetime of 2 hours of experience :(

For now, I want a handgun and a rifle both. But, some people tell me i would be better off with a shotgun.
There is a range nearby and I am going to go next week.

I was good at archery if that means anything :)

What would you suggest....for someone in the suburbs at the moment?

I hear a lot of people recommend the ruger...I hope I can see and try several.

Thank you for being so kind and offering help

Re: What Did You Prep Today 5 years, 4 months ago #570


Shotguns are great for home defense, cheap, and ammo is also cheap. However, I do not own one.

I have five years of combat experience, and I prefer my AR-15. Some will argue the AK is a more reliable platform. I think if you are worried about total chaos, and you had to pick one gun, I would go with an AR-15 or AK. I say this because most combat engagements are outside of handgun and shotgun range.

Now, if you are planning to conceal, then you will need a handgun. I have two, a Springfield Armory XDM 45, and a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm. I prefer the larger 45, and I feel I shoot better with it. But, I am becoming more comfortable with my 9mm. I like high capacity handguns, and that is why I stay away from the 1911s. My 45 carries about the same number of rounds as the 1911 (13), but my 9mm carries 17+1 rounds.

In a survival situation, I would carry my AR and a handgun (or two), but the handgun is a secondary platform. My AR will always be my first choice. Just my experience being a deployed soldier and defense contractor.

I took my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law to the range today, and they preferred the 9mm over the 45. It fits in their hands better, and it was much easier to manage the recoil. They could pull back the slide on the 9mm a lot easier than the 45. And, they shot the 9mm better than the 45. But when picking a firearm, you have to find what you shoot better with, and do not let caliber be an eliminating factor.

Additionally, you should fire firearms from several different manufactures. For instance, I carried a Glock in Iraq/Afghanistan for years. It was the weapon that was issued to me. I hated it. I shot poorly with it. Which is funny because it is police standard issue these days, and many would swear by it. I prefer my Springfield, as I shoot better with it. The M&P 9mm is a close second. And, I will never purchase a Glock. Again, you need to find out which platform works best for you, and by going to the range, you can test out the different firearms.
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