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TOPIC: Supersonic weapon

Re: Supersonic weapon 1 week, 6 days ago #27761

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Methinks you're right Jim. Why this fella wastes his time and ours on non subjects is beyond me. He is in a world of his own and contributed nothing to prepping subjects here. His so called thread is fraying and nobody else cares.

Re: Supersonic weapon 1 week, 6 days ago #27762

  • JimCosta
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But look at the engine oil article too.
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Re: Supersonic weapon 4 days, 18 hours ago #27784

  • katsung47
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1004. Acoustic weapon again (2/9/2018)

In recent days, When I go sleep, I felt that familiar ground vibration again and the warmth caused by it. Link it with unusual warm weather these days, I originally think it is a tactic the Feds used to force me to take bath so they could claim they found drug trace in sewage water

Warm weather already breaking records across Bay Area

By Sandhya Patel February 03, 2018 03:16PM
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Our abnormally warm weather is breaking records and the warmth is sticking around through the weekend.

ABC7 News meteorologists say most of the Bay Area is 10 to 15 degrees above average in terms of temperatures for this time of year.


Then there was a concentrated earthquake report:

Magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocks Taiwan
Wed February 7, 2018


It is just the style I worried about two weeks ago:

(1,002). Pressure on FBI and earthquake (1/27/2018)

I worry they will create a big earthquake in California and damage the house structure with acoustic weapon in the name of quake to reach the purpose of search and arrest.

The Feds, under high pressure, activated high tech.weapons that altered the weather and caused earthquake. They used to create similar events to cover up a particular one.


1,001. Plant "drug trace" (1/20/2018)

My wife has been arranged a Canada tour on Sept. 2, last year. Feds used to project an action with a tour. I predicted Korea war crisis would be used as distraction. That was proved very correct. Kim Jung-un did explode a Hydrogen bomb on 9/3. How would the Feds carry on an arrest? Since there was a record setting hot weather on 9/2 and 9/3, I thought the arrest excuse would be "drug trace found in sewage water". I didn't take bath in these hot days.

908. Acoustic weapon (6/13/2016)

For more than a decade, I sleep on ground behind iron desk in order to shelter from E.M. wave attack from the Feds whom live in neighborhood. I can feel it if there is any movement of the ground.

910. Acoustic weapon killing (6/27/2016)

In the midnight of 6/26, I woke up to an unusual warm feeling. The heat was from inside body, seemed from blood. Since the Feds using acoustic weapon, I encountered such situation several times. Of course, it also came with strong ground vibration feeling. I had to leave my bedroom and slept in the sofa of the sitting room. A few minutes later the heat inside the body disappeared. I had thought a lot about that phenomenon, now I realize it was the killing resonance. The body of human being has its own resonance frequency. Once the Feds apply that frequency on people, it will cause vibration that produces heat or other damages in their blood, organ or parts of the body.

I had been intimidated by the Feds through the TV commercial. At that time I thought the heat killing was microwave radiation. Now I realize it is the acoustic weapon. I had posted my allegation in #815. That TV station disappeared several months later after my revelation. Watch that commercial I posted below. It well proves the heat killing weapon.


The first one: A lady sits in a sauna room. A pig is approaching her, sniffing. The lady drops some water on heater and create a steam. A thermo-charter shows the temperature goes up followed with a word “COOK? Then lady disappeared and the pig leaves.

I think this is particularly on me. Chinese traditionally symbolize year with twelve animals. I was born in the year of pig. That’s why they put a pig in that commercial.

Re: Supersonic weapon 4 days, 17 hours ago #27785

Don't even respond to the post. I haven't read a post in weeks or maybe months. Lost track.
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Re: Supersonic weapon 4 days, 16 hours ago #27788

  • spiritbeau
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katsung47, really? Just think about it for a moment. What extremely powerful information or skills do you possess that would cause federal agencies to go through the time, expense, and man-hours (sorry, employee-hours) to create a sonic device and to turn on you? How many employees would be involved in just surveillance alone? This operation would take an entire department, especially since it takes about four federal employees to get one person's work done. I would think that if you were that much of a threat they would find simpler, more cost effective methods to quiet you down. This isn't that complicated. While devices such as the one you described may exist, I feel it is extremely unlikely that they would risk discovery in using it on, excuse me for saying this, such a low priority target. katsung47, if you were leading an opposition party, or running for a high government office, or the leader of a hostile country, or the inventor of a dooms day machine perhaps I could open my mind up enough to believe in this extremely unlikely possibility; but for just another prepper, blogger no way. There are way too many people who are far more vocal, with more followers, and bigger microphones for me to think that the FBI would use such an elaborate devise on you. If you were that much of a threat, you would just wake up dead one day. (I always liked that saying, "wake up dead"). Sorry bud, but that's the way I see it. Now, get up off of the floor and get some sleep in a real bed. I'm sure you need it.
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