Everything alternative energy related (solar, wind, gasifier, etc.)

Electro Magnetic Pulse and Faraday Cage documentation. 

Field Manual (FM) and other military related documents. 

Financial (0/0)

All documents related to financial information, including investments. 

All things related to food, food processing, and food storage.

Gardening (0/19)

Gardening, pest control, and crop related documents. 

Hunting, trapping, and fishing documents. All things wild game. 

Knots (0/1)

How to tie knots for construction, lashing, and survival purposes. 

Documentation relating to Preparedness, Disaster, and History Lessons Learned. 

Medical (0/16)

First aid, emergency care, dental, and natural remedies. 

This is our content. Distribute freely, but do not modify the content.

Documents provided by organizations. Includes checklists and handouts. 

Recipes (0/13)

Recipes for preparing food using your food storage items. 

Things we will need to accomplish post collapse.

Shelters (0/5)

Learn how to build a survival shelter. Download for field use. 

Learn to build structures with natural materials and scavenging finds. 

Survival (0/7)

All things related to wilderness survival, and Bushcraft. 

This area is for all things related to sustainable living. 

Water (0/4)

All things water related; purifying, filtration, treatment. 


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