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Virginia Preppers
Sunday, 15 July 2012
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  • Happy Thanksgiving to all
    groups.wall 54 days ago
  • Richmond,Va any one in this area.
    groups.wall 66 days ago
  • its been awhile since I've been up here interacting with everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.
    groups.wall 87 days ago
  • I moved from DFW in TX in Oct 2016, re-connected with PrepperLink a couple days ago, and discover this group just now. I live in greater Warrenton (zip 20187) on an acre in a small home with basement. I'm interested in networking with others in this area - I've lived around the United States but never here, so I'm looking for tips. I have some to give, as well, so give-and-take is the game-name.
    groups.wall 243 days ago
    spiritbeau DFW, I'll be at the Prince William County Fair at the US Law Shield booth next week. If you're in town, stop by.158 days ago
  • Hi my friend an I are looking for preppers close to Lancaster Va
    groups.wall 350 days ago
    Mandolin50 Im in Gloucester too!243 days ago
  • Good day everyone. Anyone have any experience with complete log cabin home kits? Looking to put up a log cabin in Southern VA and setting up an appointment with Southland homes soon. They seem a bit expensive though. Articles I have read stated that log homes are typically cheaper than stick frames. If you have recommendations for a supplier and builder please let me know. Thanks and happy prepping.
    groups.wall 490 days ago
    spiritbeau I have a friend that used to sell them and is living in one now. They come with their own unique quirks, but may be a viable option to building a nice cabin. I'll see if he can lend some advice.490 days ago
  • groups.wall 490 days ago
    DFWguy Warrenton counts, yes? I'm there. Moved from DFW Oct 2016 - thus the moniker.243 days ago
  • Hey there VA friends. I am looking to find out if anyone has a good amount of land they'd allow me to do a little primitive camping/ bushcraft survival training on. Essentially it'd just be me a tarp and a small cooking fire. A little light foraging and simple shelter creation (tarp and debris). If you don't want to find me, hopefully you'd never even know I was there. I can do this in trade for a little cash or help with a little work if you'd like. Thank you in advance.
    groups.wall 511 days ago
    redbeard I have settled on a location in the GW Forest just inside WV.490 days ago
  • prepsimple, I'll be camping with the Oath Keepers in your neck of the woods this weekend.
    groups.wall 518 days ago
    spiritbeau It was a good weekend even in this heat. I learned a lot and met a lot of good people. I do have my technicians licenses, but am not very good at using my radio yet, still learning. If you are ever in northern Virginia, the Manassas area in particular give me a shout.
    km4adv511 days ago
  • I'm about two hours southeast of you.
    groups.wall 518 days ago
    spiritbeau I just bought an Xterra near Orange last Sunday. Beautiful country down there. Is that close to where you are?518 days ago
  • Anyone near Charlottesville, Virginia
    groups.wall 518 days ago
    Momturtle We are about 1/2 south of Charlottesville510 days ago
  • You all still in Virginia?
    groups.wall 557 days ago
  • How's everyone doing? Me? Tired of the rain!!
    groups.wall 615 days ago
  • Anyone interested in attending?
    groups.wall 624 days ago
    Gary Griffin Would love to, but 7000 miles away.619 days ago
  • Another AMRRON operator and I are starting a weekly Virginia HF prepper net. Every Monday night at 8pm at 3.818 LSB. If you're a GENERAL or higher class HAM operator, please join us. If you are not a HAM, please use your SSB capable shortwave radio. If you don't have an SSB capable short wave radio and want recommendations, please contact me. Hope to hear you Monday.
    groups.wall 659 days ago
  • Welcome jonvaok. Best of luck!
    John, southeast va
    groups.wall 676 days ago
  • Looking for anyone in or near Nelson County.
    groups.wall 676 days ago
    VaBlueRaven I'm close to Charlottesville and Nelson.518 days ago
  • Show hours 9-5 on Sat, 10-4 on Sunday
    groups.wall 697 days ago

This group is for preppers that live in Virginia. Anyone can join. Come and network. 

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i found that if you post signs in you gunshops and army surplus or sporting goods stores
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