Northern Idaho

Northern Idaho
Wednesday, 24 February 2016
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  • Hi Cindy, My name is Gloria. I am investigating possibilities for relocation and connecting with like minded out of their EGO people ! . Altho my knowledge of the state of the world, and talents are vast, my pursual of making a move is shaky at best. I am sure many have been up against this, in that their families are not on board as they hoped they would be. I am exploring contact with other people who are open to discussing these matters. Right now I am taking some drastic measures to get my health in a better state! I am not I just check back here for responses, or are we notified via email. Thank you
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My husband and I are in a group up here. This group we joined still has room for others who need a more secured location then their current home which would not afford them good protection and life support in a crisis event. Especially if the grid was down and public utlities stopped. You can believe that situation could not happen and that is fine with us.

This group has minimum entry level requirements which we feel are prudent to ensure we are not teaming up with liabilities rather assets like we have made ourselves to be. It is not meant to offend either yet we firmly believe any prepper simply needs to be evaluated by the depth and duration of their preparations and not by their talk, plans or good intentions.

So if your preparations truly reflect your beliefs and  talk and you reside in the nortern Idaho region we all might be able to work together. Just to be clear I will not engage anyone here on the merits of our accomplishements or our objectives and how we manage all this. All we will do for the sake of our time and lives is take any contacts we might get from here to an off site private means of communicatiion where further discussions can ensue.

I am sure you will be able to figure out how to contact us through this site ;-)

Thank you for any considerations and best of good fortune to you all in your quests. Cindy

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