Hi Members!

I didn't notice until recently that two people have joined this group.

Where in Nor Cal are you located?

So glad there are others in Nor Cal prepping and interested in group activities :)

Discussion started by triplemoon , on 1720 days ago
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Prepared minded
I hope everyone is look forward to the new year and new things to happen. Meetup has changed there format, I don't like it, so I have been looking at new ways to connect with like minded people. I don't think I need to create a new web site if there are Forum boards out there that I can just start using. I will post some of the things I am doing in my area, and I hope this will grow. I will be joining the American Prepper Network too. Hope to here from people soon.
19 days ago
Butte County
1264 days ago
Im in El Dorado, CA near Placerville
1713 days ago