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  • So how's everyones weekend going?
    groups.wall 23 hours ago
  • glad to have you back--Have a great weekend. Im going to the prepper G & Knife show.. show Doswell Fairground
    groups.wall 2 days ago
  • its been awhile since I've been up here interacting with everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.
    groups.wall 3 days ago
  • went to the B.O L yesterday, spent the night-- got a few things fixed, had a fire it was nice night. back in the big city- tired. just glad remote is ok .
    ps prepper show doswell Va this weekend. see you there. walk with a cane,dungaree jacket.
    groups.wall 4 days ago
  • friends CinnamonAcid and Materielgeneral are now friends
  • Bought a used 63 Ford Model 2000 Tractor,,, loving it.
    groups.wall 7 days ago
  • Mobile Base Station,
    • Mobile Base Station,
    photos 12 days ago
    • Base Station
    photos 12 days ago
  • Hardened Power Systems G1 Bug-Out/Survival Radio Box, EMP Proof, Water resistant Battery box for 12v Radio's. Xiegu X108G HF Radio
    • Hardened Power Systems G1 Bug-Out/Survival Radio Box, EMP Proof, Water resistant Battery box for 12v Radio's.  Xiegu X108G HF Radio<br />
    photos 12 days ago
  • I cannot say with any certanity what will happen.  I do believe that we are in very perilous times, Threats of war with North Korea, The New World Order and One World Govermment, EMP and Civil war caused by the Left BLM and Antifa, The list goes on, ...
    groups.discussion 12 days ago
  • groups ilaw61 joined the group Pennsylvania Preppers Private
  • I don't know who is still active, but here I'm still on.
    I really live in NH but I will help if I can.
    groups.wall 13 days ago
  • Hello Vermonters. I am new to this site so just checking it out. Looking for like minded people in Vt. Not an easy task. None the less I live off the power grid and make my own with solar and micro hydro. So is this group still active? The posts below seem years old....
    groups.wall 18 days ago
  • groups Vtprepper joined the group Vermont Preppers Private
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 18 days ago
  • Hello, I am located in the Houston area (Pearland). Looking to meet local people who share similar views. I have a few friends that might also be interested in joining a local group.
    groups.wall 20 days ago
  • groups Scott0311 joined the group Texas Preppers Private
  • Huge white oak cut down cant even give the wood away..46 degrees outside,,, free fire wood.
    groups.wall 22 days ago
  • What part of NorCal? A lot of ppl that say NorCal arent as far North as I am. Us ppl north of Sac kinda consider ourselves NorCal...LOL
    I am in Shasta County area
    I have acreage, moved here from SoCal (LA area) back in 2001 when I sensed the winds changing. I am into the whole movement.
    I grow my own veges, learning to homestead, but dont have farm animals yet. I do grow food, can, preserve and have other skills on basic items. My husband and son both Weld and are machinists and mechanics with our own large shop. We believe in personal responsibility and self reliance. We are avid Jeffersonian's, but always looking to expand.
    We are surrounded by large acreage and cattle ranchers, with direct access to a Well, as well as a year round creek and wildlife. (deer love my garden-eek) LOL

    Just joined here to reach out and get to know more people with same mindset as well as to expand my knowledge. I am of the belief we need to be able to take care of ourselves AND that things are hectic now, but are pretty sure to get worse.
    groups.wall 24 days ago
  • groups TechQn joined the group Nor Cal Preppers Private
  • I just finished getting my membership approved for A.N.T.S and have my marker on the map. Let's see if we can grow the colonies in West Texas and the Panhandle.
    groups.wall 25 days ago
  • jimLE added 6 new photos in the group album some preps i have
    • 16gallon barrels
    • 2017-09-09 10.26.49
    • 2017-09-09 10.25.26
    • 2017-09-09 10.24.24
    • 2017-09-24 11.05.55
    this is simply where i'll be posting some preps that i have..
    photos 26 days ago